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Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

classic book author philosopher friedrich nietzsche, thus spoke zarathustra, richard wagner, arthur schopenhauer, lou salomeFriedrich Nietzsche was born in the Prussian province of Saxony to a Lutheran pastor and former teacher. His father was to die when Nietzsche was around 5 years old, which was to leave an impact on the young Nietzsche’s life, and for a time he went to follow in his father’s footsteps studying theology.

Whilst at University, Nietzsche came across Arthur Schopenhauer, whose existential work was to change Nietzsche’s mode of thinking forever.

In 1867 Friedrich Nietzsche signed up for service with the Prussian artillery division, but after a riding-accident and losing the strength from his upper body, he was declared unfit for service, and turned once more to his studies.

In 1868 he met Richard Wagner and his wife Cosima, and for some time, they remained great friends, but he was to later fall out with Wagner, and loathed Wagner’s anti-semitic ideology.

Nietzsche was a frequent traveller, partly due to his bad health. He spent many summers in Sils Maria, Switzerland, walking along mountains during the morning, and writing by the afternoon.

In 1882 he was to meet Lou Salome, with whom he had proposed marriage, but she refused, and the difficult times afterwards led to the writing of Thus Spoke Zarathustra – in its day, only around 40 copies of the book were sold.

At the start of 1889, Nietzsche suffered a mental breakdown – it is said he witnessed the whipping of a horse and ran out into the street to protect it before collapsing to the ground. By 1900, and after suffering bouts of insanity, Nietzsche died from pneumonia. After his death his sister Elisabeth manipulated his work, and a copy was presented to Adolf Hitler, however Nietzsche’s writings clearly state his loathing of anti-semitism and he spoke against German Nationalism, and the twisting of his philosophy left a completely undeserved stigma amongst those not familiar with his writings.

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