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Literary Classic Book Collection. Author Biography

David Herbert Lawrence (1885 – 1930)

literary classic books on cd-rom,classic book author D.H. Lawrence, lady chatterly's lover, sons and loversD.H. Lawrence was born in a mining coal town, in Nottinghamshire. He left schooling in 1901 working briefly before an onset of pneumonia and returned to education in 1908 at the University College of Nottingham.

In 1912, he met Frieda Weekley and they eloped to a garrison town in Germany near the border of France. It was here, that Lawrence was arrested and accused of being a British spy before being released following the help of Frieda’s father.

D.H. Lawrence completed Sons and Lovers in 1913 during his stay in Italy before returning to England where they were viewed with suspicion due to Frieda’s German lineage.

After the war, wanderlust sent Lawrence to Sri Lanka, Australia, North America, Mexico and Southern France, inspiring many novels along his way. His last and best known work was to be Lady Chatterly's Lover, which was banned for a time in the UK and US after being declared pornographic.
He died in Vence France in 1930.

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