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Virginia Woolf (1882 – 1941)

classic book author, virginia woolf, the voyage out, night and day, suicide, sexual abuse, biopolar, depressionBorn in London, Virginia Woolf was christened Adeline Virginia Stephen. She was educated by her parents. Her father, Sir Leslie Stephen, was a known editor, critic and biographer, with connections to William Thackeray. Their house was visited by such people as George Eliot, Henry James and George Henry Lewes, bringing strong Victorian literary influences into Virginia Woolf’s life.

Virginia Woolf’s mother died from influenza in 1895 when Virginia was thirteen years old, her half-sister passed away not two years later, and her father died in 1904, all of which led to Virginia Woolf suffering a breakdown and being temporarily institutionalised. The sexual abuse she suffered from her half-brothers were also contributing factors to her breakdown and depressive cycles (diagnosed today as bipolar disorder).

Virginia Woolf start to write professionally in 1905, for the Time Literary Supplement. Her first novel - The Voyage Out – was published in 1915. Much of her work was self-published through the Hogarth Press.

In March of 1941, Virginia Woolf commited suicide by lining her pockets with stone and wading out into the River Ouse. Her body was not discovered until about three weeks later, and she was buried by her husband beside a tree.

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